Adventure Lovers Paradise – Leh & Laddakh

India is a country with lots of mountains, seashores and deserts. People from all over the world, visit India to experience the thrill of traveling in different parts of the country. Many Indians also try to explore new places to experience something different and to get out of their daily routine.

In the past few years, some places have got more recognized as attractive tourist destinations. Leh and Ladakh are such locations which are now popular among people seeking adventure. The rough terrain and beautiful mountains are loved by bikers, trekkers and many travel enthusiasts. Improved infrastructure facilities have boosted the confidence of people in visiting Leh and Ladakh. Now, there are different airlines who operate on a daily basis between Delhi and Leh. There are flights connecting to Jammu and Srinagar as well. One should be prepared to traveling around some rough patches as the roads in Leh and Ladakh are not in good condition.

Both these places have got many things to offer to travelers. When we talk about Leh then apart from beautiful mountains it also has got stupas and old houses which are located on a rocky ridge. Leh is in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. This place is strategically located as previously it was an important destination for carrying out trade between India and China.

Leh is a town in Leh district which is always bustling with a lot of different activities as there are many restaurants, tour agencies and shops in this area. Travelers can enjoy the scenic beauty of the hills on one side and roam around the town. There are two routes to get into Leh. One route is from Shrinagar and another one is from Manali. Traveling through both routes can be a unique experience as both of them offer beautiful views of the mountains. Enjoying these views while traveling through narrow roads can be an adventurous experience. There are also numerous check-points along the way. At times, Travelling into the valley can be little troublesome as their landslide issues in the Leh-Manali highway.

Those who are more into visiting Historical monuments can go to see Leh Palace, Shanti Stupa, War museum, Zorawar fort and many such other places. Leh has got plenty to offer to all kinds of travelers. There are many monasteries, mosques and temples in the town as people from different religion stay in both the towns.

Coming to Ladakh, it is famous for its frozen lakes, river rafting and bike and ATV riding. Ladakh has got something for everyone be it the bikers, trekkers or normal adventure seeking travelers. Many adventure travelers like to travel the place all alone or as a couple. They like to ride with their bikes on the rough terrains of Ladakh. One can travel by their own bikes or rent bikes which are also available in both these towns. Khardung-La is the highest motorable road in the world. The Chang-La pass is the second highest motorable road in the world. Many bikers have enjoyed biking on both of these roads. When you travel on the roads, you meet many like-minded people who are there to guide and support in your overall journey.

Many trekkers dream of going to Ladakh to experience the ultimate thrill of trekking on high altitudes. There are different trekking routes for trekkers. Some of the routes are good enough for cycling. Ladakh is famous among the trekkers because of the Kailash expeditions. Anyone can get mesmerized after looking at the gigantic tall mountains and can get tempted to climb them and reach the top of it.

People who like to do river rafting can do it in the Zanskar River. Tourists who flock towards Ladakh during the summers always look forward to doing rafting. During the winter, the road towards Zanskar is closed. At that time, people try to walk on the frozen river. This activity is also called as ‘Ice sheet trekking’.

Ladakh has got plenty to offer to adventure seeking travelers. People can enjoy the visit to the famous Nubra valley which is in the North-east of Ladakh valley. Nubra is actually a cold desert which is located on a very high altitude. There is a minimum amount of vegetation in this area.

Earlier there were no proper hotels and restaurants in this part of the world. But this is not the case anymore. There are different kind of hotels, restaurants and shops in the town. You can select any hotel as per your budget and preference. So this place is also for normal adventure seeking travelers. People can enjoy staying in nest camps which will between the mountains. They can roam around the mountainous terrains with the help of All Terrain Vehicles. If you don’t want to travel all alone then there are tourist guides who can travel with you and take you to different places. Yak and camel safaris is another major attraction for tourists. They can use Yak and Camel to explore the town.

While returning back from the journey, you would be taking back some awesome memories like the views of the mountains, riding through the All-Terrain Vehicles, The unique experience of viewing the Pangong lake, Rafting in a river which is surrounded by tall mountains, visit the Stupa etc.

There are few issues which are majorly faced by travelers. One should be well aware of it before traveling both these towns. You may not be able to make proper calls or communicate with your loved ones while traveling in Leh and Ladakh. There are network related issues faced by travelers as both these towns are located at very high altitude. Another major issue is if you sever health concerns then traveling high terrain areas can be risky. One can experience breathlessness or dizziness while traveling to high altitudes. It is therefore recommended to carry all necessary medications while enjoying your adventurous tour. There are also problems related to floods, landslides etc. which can badly affect your travel plans.

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