Himachal Pradesh is an ideal place for any person to visit if they desire to go to a place with amazing weather and surroundings. The meaning of the word Himachal is “The land of snows”. Himachal Pradesh is an amazing place located in the western part of the Himalayas. The whole place is surrounded by mountains and breathtaking scenic views. The beauty of the place cannot be verbalized. Shimla is one of the famous hill stations in the whole of India and is the capital of this state.

Himachal Pradesh has many rivers and valleys which makes it a tourist attraction. The land of Himachal Pradesh is been covered with most diverse ranges of flora and fauna. Do you know the “Fruit Bowl” of India? It is that the Himachal Pradesh. It’s a tourist favorite spot which clearly explains that most of the state’s economy is from the tourist attractions. The whole of Himachal Pradesh is so scenic and gives you a startling pleasantness. Himachal Pradesh has a wide range of trekking trails. Hindi is the official language of this state and is spoken by majority of the people too.

Himachal Pradesh is also very well known for its handicrafts. There are a wide variety of handicraft items like shawls, paintings, footwear which would be eye-catchy once we go through the streets of Himachal Pradesh. You can hire for rent the Royal Enfield’s Bullet as it is available at many places in Himachal Pradesh to merry go round this state. They are an efficient means of transport here. A wide range of adventures are available to perform in the state, namely, rafting, paragliding, skiing and so on.