India is a country with lots of mountains, seashores and deserts. People from all over the world, visit India to experience the thrill of traveling in different parts of the country. Many Indians also try to explore new places to experience something different and to get out of their daily routine.

In the past few years, some places have got more recognized as attractive tourist destinations. Leh and Ladakh are such locations which are now popular among people seeking adventure. The rough terrain and beautiful mountains are loved by bikers, trekkers and many travel enthusiasts.

Improved infrastructure facilities have boosted the confidence of people in visiting Leh and Ladakh. Now, there are different airlines who operate on a daily basis between Delhi and Leh. There are flights connecting to Jammu and Srinagar as well. One should be prepared to traveling around some rough patches as the roads in Leh and Ladakh are not in good condition.

Both these places have got many things to offer to travelers. When we talk about Leh then apart from beautiful mountains it also has got stupas and old houses which are located on a rocky ridge. Leh is in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. This place is strategically located as previously it was an important destination for carrying out trade between India and China.