Rajasthan, as the name suggests, is the land of the kings and their royal heritage. It was formerly known as ‘Rajputana’ and is currently the largest state of India in terms of area.

Every corner of this wonderful state reflects its colourful culture, rich history and beautiful arts in its very own way.

Rajasthan is not just a state it’s a museum which displays the excellence in architecture that the royal Rajputana and ancient India possessed.

From the splendid forts, palaces and temples, built in distinctive styles, to the variety in colours and tastes, every part of this amazing state demonstrate an unbelievable blend of history, religion and nature.

All these things contribute to this state to be one of the most diverse and blessed places in the world.

So, turn your imagination into reality, plan a trip to Rajasthan and let this magical land show its hospitality to you.