Uttaranchal places NainitalUttarakhand is considered as “Devbhoomi” or “the Adobe of the Gods”. Formerly known as Uttaranchal, this northern state of India is blessed with immense natural beauty and essence of spirituality in every particle of its land.

Uttarakhand has something to offer for each and every tourist and has a lot to enjoy irrespective of time and seasons.

From the magical snow-capped mountains, streams, waterfalls, lakes, meadows, glaciers and eye-catching peaks to the sacred rivers, ghats, temples and ashrams, any wishlist is incomplete without Uttarakhand.

While the scenic beauty refreshes your body and heals your eyes, the diversity of culture and spirituality make you explore your soul or the inner self.

Uttarakhand is full of natural beauties, so if you are one of those nature lovers who love to wander in greens, it’s the right choice to visit Uttarakhand.